Mac software, hardware and tips

Here’s a list of Mac soft­ware and hard­ware that I rec­om­mend and endorse.

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  • Ice­Clean is a free sys­tem opti­miza­tion utility.
  • Glim­merBlocker is a free pref­er­ences panel that helps block ads in web browsers.
  • Chrome is Google’s free Web browser that sup­ports exten­sions and other features.
  • Fire­fox is a free open source Web browser that is highly cus­tomiz­able and exten­si­ble through third-party plu­g­ins and themes.
  • Growl is a free open source noti­fi­ca­tion pro­gram that works with many Mac applications.
  • iFreeMem opti­mizes RAM and dis­plays a pie chart of mem­ory usage.
  • Mailplane is a stand­alone Gmail browser that can han­dle mul­ti­ple accounts.
  • mira extends the Apple Remote on a vari­ety of Apple and third-party applications.
  • OnyX is a free util­ity that pro­vides easy access to sys­tem main­te­nance tasks. Read the man­ual, because it’s pow­er­ful enough to help or harm your data and OS X install.
  • Path Finder is a robust, pow­er­ful replace­ment for the Mac OS Finder that includes file view­ing and power file-management features.
  • Tex­tEx­pander can con­vert short text abbre­vi­a­tions into long strings of text. The pro­gram will also insert images.
  • WiFind works with the MacOS X Air­port WiFi sys­tem, and dis­plays the sta­tus and encryp­tion lev­els of avail­able WiFi hot spots.
  • coconutWiFi has sim­i­lar fea­tures to WiFind.
  • Deliv­ery Sta­tus is a Dash­board app that checks track­ing num­bers from most overnight ship­pers and some retailers.


Tom Bihn’s Ver­ti­cal Brain Cell is a com­pact bag that pro­vides excel­lent shock pro­tec­tion and two small pock­ets. One pocket is a per­fect fit for the Apple Remote.

Tom Bihn also makes a vari­ety of bags that will hold the var­i­ous Mac porta­bles, and there’s even a bag for the Mac Mini.

Sima’s USB Multi Cable with Firewire (SUO-200) com­bines a stan­dard USB and Firewire jack with 4 dif­fer­ent USB con­nec­tors and a mini Firewire jack. It does not con­nect Firewire to USB. It’s a great cable to keep in the desk or the bag.

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