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I’m com­ment­ing my own posts when I want to add new con­tent and links to an article.

If you have an ID on Yahoo, AOL,, flickr or sev­eral other ser­vices, you can use OpenID right now to log in to

This blog also sup­ports Gra­vatar.

To leave a com­ment, users may log in with an OpenID, Gra­vatar or an ID from (Added 5 April 2008)

I have enabled direct com­ment­ing to many of the arti­cle pages, but I do review, edit and delete com­ments because of pri­vacy and spam issues. I have far more spam robots that want to post free ads on my site than I do actual read­ers. I find myself agree­ing with James Farmer: com­ments that users post into a blog require a great deal of my time and resources to man­age. Com­ments are twee.

Read­ers can e-mail me their com­ments, too. In your email, please include the phrase “I give per­mis­sion to post my comments”.

Some­times I refer to old arti­cles in my blog, and those will appear as direct comments.


Blog­gers are wel­come to post their own com­ments in their blog, along with a link to my arti­cle. My blog will auto­mat­i­cally find and list these links as com­ments, although it may take 2 days for the com­ments to appear with my blog post. It’s not an instan­ta­neous process.


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