If you have a sug­ges­tion for a new ser­vice, email me.

The menu at the top of the site has links to sev­eral land­ing pages and features.

Almost every page, post and arti­cle on this blog is avail­able through sev­eral land­ing pages:

  • site search – avail­able at the top of the right side­bar, along with a Google search field.
  • sitemap – a list of every page and the most recent arti­cles on the site, along with a list of monthly archives.
  • direct access through URLs — stu­dents do not need to log into Cam­pus Pipeline to access this blog.
  • lists of related posts or arti­cles, appear­ing on some arti­cles and pages.

I use the terms “posts” and “arti­cles” inter­change­ably – they mean the same thing. These pages are linked to spe­cific dates on the site cal­en­dar, and they’ll appear on the home page, as well as the daily, monthly and annual archive pages.

I also main­tain ded­i­cated pages for my courses and spe­cific top­ics. Pages are not linked to a spe­cific date, but they do dis­play the most recent date they were edited.


I’ve added print-friendly links on the pages and arti­cles. The print-friendly links had been removed on 5 April 2008 because of a soft­ware bug. (Added 16 May 2008)

Mobile and PDA users are auto­mat­i­cally directed to a spe­cially for­mat­ted ver­sion of the site at Our server detects and sup­ports most mobile web browsers. (added March 2007, updated Feb­ru­ary 2008)

There’s a cal­en­dar on most pages of this site. Links dis­play the posts for spe­cific days. I also list assign­ment due dates on the cal­en­dar for my courses.

Our fav­i­con appears in the address bar of most web browsers. This is a minia­ture ver­sion of the mighty billso logo. Look for this icon in your book­marks, favorites, news­reader and address bar.


I was using reCAPTCHA as a spam deter­rent in the com­ments boxes. I added the fea­ture on 6 June 2007, and dis­abled it on 5 May 2008.

I used to repost my arti­cles on Face­book but I stopped that ser­vice in Janaury 2008, because Face­book doesn’t pro­vide effi­cient tools for man­ag­ing com­ments on its site.

Our cus­tom but­ton allows users to search the entire site within the Google Tool­bar. Free soft­ware required. Sup­ports Inter­net Explorer and Fire­fox on Win­dows and the Mac. (added 6 June 2007)


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