How colorful should a laptop computer be?

by billso on Friday, 27 June 2008

I see more white and sil­ver lap­tops than black mod­els when I walk around cam­pus and the shop­ping mall these days. Col­ored lap­tops might look nice in the home, but do peo­ple really want to live with one color choice for 2 or more years?

If you don’t like the stock color of your device, Col­or­ware will sell you a cus­tom painted Black­berry, iPhone, iPod, game con­sole or lap­top. They’ll also paint your equip­ment. Their process takes a few days, and you have to wait for the mail or FedEx, though.

It’s easy to wrap a lap­top in decals. Stu­dents and pro­gram­mers like to do this, because it’s a great way to per­son­al­ize a com­puter. The decals also help the user iden­tify their com­puter easily.

But I’m not sure I’d go to a job inter­view with a lap­top cov­ered in bumper stick­ers, unless I knew the client well enough. An accoun­tant might not visit carry a bright pur­ple com­puter with Astro­turf on the lid to a major client meeting.

Erica DeWolff has posted a nice arti­cle about this issue at Pro­fes­sion­al­ism and com­puter color: What do you think? The com­ments on that arti­cle are fun to read.,, and other com­pa­nies sell a vari­ety of large, col­or­ful stick­ers that are cus­tom cut each model’s dimen­sions — and some com­pa­nies will let you design your own lap­top skin.

  • John D. Cook

    I find it annoy­ing when I’m teach­ing and I look out at a sea of lap­tops with bumper stick­ers. I’m look­ing for faces to gauge how well I’m con­nect­ing, and instead I see adver­tis­ing. It would still be a prob­lem if the lap­tops were clean, but the stick­ers add insult to injury.

  • billso

    If they have OSS or Tux stick­ers, that’s bonus points in my book. We see a lot of surf­board and swimwear stick­ers out here.

    I imag­ine you see more than a few foot­ball stick­ers out there in Hous­ton. Tex­ans or Cow­boys? I’m a life­long Bucs fan, myself.

  • Erica DeWolf

    Thanks for the shout out and the link to my post– it cer­tainly is an inter­est­ing sub­ject, and I was lucky enough to have sev­eral dif­fer­ent opin­ions shared with me in the com­ments sec­tion of the post– check it out! Thanks again!

  • lap­tops

    hmmm i think it depends upon the peo­ple or the buy­ers. If they are tech­nie — they wont be going for the col­ors. how­ever in case of chil­dren or stu­dents they want more mike ming kin­daa lap­tops… :) So the best ques­tion is to whom you want to sell the laptops.

  • Com­puter Repair London

    I hate when peo­ple put stick­ers on their lap­tops. Keep your lap­top clean for gods sake. But I guess it all depends on how you use your lap­top. If your an artist then I wouldn’t bad­ger you if I saw colours on your laptop.

  • mfar­ney

    When it comes to hard­ware, I pre­fer my devices black and sim­ple. It isn’t easy to find this any­more as every man­u­fac­turer goes with lots of col­ors. You were right about the busi­ness aspect, one can’t be cred­i­ble when he pulls out a lap­top cov­ered with stick­ers.
    Mathew Far­ney — Web Host­ing

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