Steve Jobs and his iPhone

by billso on Monday, 18 June 2007

In Boing Boing this morn­ing, I found a link to John Heilemann’s arti­cle in New York Mag­a­zine about Steve Jobs and the iPhone.

Steve Jobs - iGod

The cover seems to say it all, but the arti­cle makes some of the same points that I men­tioned in yesterday’s post.

Apple is tak­ing a huge risk with the iPhone, and AT&T has decided to come along for a ride on Steve’s “real­ity dis­tor­tion field”. There are other places to read about Steve, but Heile­mann tosses in some of Jobs’ bet­ter moments — ques­tion­ing the san­ity of the Seg­way, for exam­ple, or rolling out the iPod, then chang­ing his mind and port­ing iTunes to Windows.

There’s a nice sec­tion about the inter­nal Apple debate regard­ing the iPhone’s key­board. There was no debate, because Steve Jobs didn’t want a phys­i­cal key­board, even if cus­tomers want one.

The dis­cus­sion regard­ing AT&T’s poor rep­u­ta­tion as a mobile car­rier is also worth reading.

Heile­mann asks one of my favorite ques­tions: what hap­pens if this new iPhone busi­ness really takes off?

The follow-up: If con­sumers really want US$500 cell phones this year, how will com­peti­tors adapt?

UPDATE 15:26 HT: Seth Godin has posted his take on Heilemann’s arti­cle. Seth believes that Heile­mann is being “small-minded”. Steve Jobs is really a “rifter” who fixes prob­lems and leaps from one mar­ket to another.

UPDATE 19 June 14:35 PM: Also see Kawika Holbrook’s brief Jan­u­ary 29 screed about call quality.


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