The top 10 most dangerous online activities

by billso on Tuesday, 31 October 2006

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From Forbes and, here’s a good arti­cle about every­day mis­takes that employ­ees make online. How many of these mis­takes have you made? Read the arti­cle and find out the dan­gers, and how to avoid these errors.

1. Click­ing on e-mail attach­ments from unknown senders
2. Installing unau­tho­rized appli­ca­tions
3. Turn­ing off or dis­abling auto­mated secu­rity tools
4. Open­ing HTML or plain-text mes­sages from unknown senders
5. Surf­ing gam­bling, porn or other dicey Web sites
6. Giv­ing out pass­words, tokens or smart cards
7. Ran­dom surf­ing of unknown, untrusted Web sites
8. Attach­ing to any old Wi-Fi net­work
9. Fill­ing out Web scripts, forms or reg­is­tra­tion pages
10. Par­tic­i­pat­ing in chat rooms or social net­work­ing sites


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