The FBI can hack your wireless router

by billso on Tuesday, 31 October 2006

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FBI agents in Los Ange­les recently demon­strated how they can hack into a wire­less net­work in under 10 minutes.

This demon­stra­tion used pub­licly avail­able tools to set up a fake wire­less access point (WAP) and then har­vest enough infor­ma­tion from a Win­dows XP com­puter to crack or decode a WEP key.

About 30% of wire­less access points use Wired Equiv­a­lent Pri­vacy (WEP) for encryp­tion. Another 10% use a newer stan­dard called Wi-Fi Pro­tected Access (WPA), which requires more time and trou­ble to hack.

If you’re in the 60% of wire­less net­work users who haven’t encrypted their access point at home, this arti­cle has some good tips for you.

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